Psychomania Rumble

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Psychomania Rumble
Psychomania Rumble.png
Allgemeine Informationen
Veranstalter Halb 7 Records, Rumble 59 & Psychomania Fanzine
Ort Lindenpark Potsdam
Genre Psychobilly

Das Psychomania Rumble ist ein jährlich veranstaltetes Psychobilly Festival in Potsdam.



Datum Bands / Künstler
25.-26.05.2007 Ripmen, The Creepshow, The Peacocks, Mad Dog Cole, Meteors, The Jumblers, The Tazmanian Devils, Damage done by Worms, Thee Flanders, Demented are Go, Mad Sin
09.-11.05.2008 The Capones, The Headless Horsemen, Lota Red, The Astro Zombies, P.O.X., P. Paul Fenech, Shadowbirds, The Charmin' Bastards, The Silver Shine, Thee Suspenders, Thee Flanders, The Dead Kings, The Quakes, Tom Toxic & the Holstein Rockets, Johnny Nightmare, Evil Devil, Klingonz, Nigel Lewis, Mad Dog Cole
29.-31.05.2009 The Meteors, Long Tall Texans, The Rattlers, Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows, Tony Montanas, The Hot Wheels, P. Paul Fenech, Sunny Domestozs, Rockabilly Mafia, Damage Done by Worms, The Ripmen, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, Out Of Luck, Frenzy
22.-23.05.2010 Guana Batz, Coffin Nails, Pharaohs, Thee Flanders, Tom Toxic & die Holstein Rockets, The Knockouts, The Acting Apes, Mad Sin, King Kurt, Spellbound Psychobilly, Gorilla, Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space, Surf Rats, Rampires, The Brown Vampire Cats
11.-12.06.2011 Meteors, Long Tall Texans, Klingonz, Griswalds, Sir Psyko & His Monsters, Bonsai Kitten, Lunatics, Bodybags, Dj Whiskey, Frenzy, Skitzo, Caravans, Guitar Slingers, Evil Devil, Out Of Luck, The Frogs, Howling Wolfmen
26.-27.05.2012 Batmobile, Sunny Domestozs, Astro Zombies, Sir Psyko And His Monsters, Magnetix, Tazmanian Devils, The Wreck Kings, Retarded Rats, DJ Whiskey, The Blue Cats, Koefte Deville, Gorilla, Thee Flanders, Swampys, The Brains, Luna Vegas, Radioactive Catz
18.-19.05.2013 The Quakes, Tall Boys, Sir Psyko and his Monsters, Highliners, Bang Bang Bazooka, Stressor, The Grims, Rusty Robots, Meteors, The Legendary Raw Deal, The Griswalds, Skitzo, Damage Done By Worms, Howling Wolfmen, Tom Toxic und die Holstein Rockets, The Hot Wheels
07.-08.06.2014 Demented Are Go, Skitzo, Sir Psyko and his Monsters, Dead Kings feat. Köfte, Coffin Nails, Thee Flanders, The Grims, The Midniters, Bad Dooleys, Al & the Coholicxxx, Gorilla, The Raymen, The Frogs, The Psyclocks, The Retarded Rats, Rosemary's Triplets
23.-24.05.2015 Sharks, Frantic Flintstones, Griswalds, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, Thunderbirdhead, The Rusty Robots, The Wreck Kings, The Diggerz, Morbid Talking, The Meteors, Frenzy, The Roughnecks, Blue Rockin', Swamp Ratz, The Rocket Dogz, Leechmen, The Trillionairs
14.-15.05.2016 Mad Sin, Demented are Go, The Polecats, Sir Psyko And His Monsters, Gorilla, Thee Flanders, Guitar Slingers, The Daffys, Squidbillys, Die Holstein Rockets, The Howling Wolfmen, Jack Ice, Midnight Maniax, Fancy Dolls, The Raiderz
03.-04.06.2017 Jeroen Haamers and the Zorchmen, The Ricochets, Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space, Wigsville Spliffs, The Coffinshakers, The Roughnecks, Astro Zombies, The Moonshine Stalkers, Jack Ice, The Test Pilots, The Monstrosities
19.-20.05.2018 Mad Sin, Restless, The Magnetix, Thee Flanders, The Nevrotix, Degenerated, Messerstecher Herzensbrecher, The Skel'tons, Demented Are Go, Gorilla, The KDV Deviators, The Rusty Robots, The Halfwits, Evil Daltons, The Minestompers, 28 Spline
08.-09.06.2019 King Kurt, Coffin Nails, Damage Done by Worms, Banane Metalik, Evil Devil, Batmobile, Rock-A-Billy Mafia, The Goddamn Gallows, The Koffin Kats, Evil Daltons