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Genre Hardcore
Website http://www.myspace.com/dirtsheath


DIRTSHEATH started in 1994 as a project of school friends. Main .. party and booze… and of course Death metal victory! In the first year the legendary “False People” was composed- the only song in more than twelve months of “intense” rehearsals! But times changed, members changed and the band headed more serious for new goals. DIRTSHEATH played it..s first gig in 1997 at a club called “Treibstoff”. The next step was demo recordings with a little help of the Treibstoff manager. In 1999/2000 the face of the band changed again and it..s sound also. Open minded for all kinds of styles in past and present the main direction was HARDCORE and PUNK until then. DIRTSHEATH came up with the self produced “Wednesday 8 p.m.” – demo but aim was a professional studio production. ET voila! “Get up and go!” has been recorded in November 2004 at the Headquarter studio Berlin by ANTICOPS shouter Micha. Many new live experiences with bands like Agitate,NO MORE FEAR,ANTICOPS, Roimungstrupp, PUNISHABLE ACT, HATE EDGE, NEVER FACE DEFEAT, BRAINLESS WANKERS, MAKE IT COUNT, MANOS FLAWLESS VICTORY and many others followed. Since 2006 the tiny “STEEL TOWN RECORDS”- label organizes the merch and distribution for DIRTSHEATH because time is money and we..re all working class heroes. The next happened in “STEEL TOWN RECORDS”- home zone Eisenhüttenstadt. Former E- Craft member Wassi recorded “Cruise for a bruise”. That seven song EP is available since May 2007. And the beat goes on…


Sänger - Jan Bass - Thomas ( Jansen ) Gitarre - Thomas ( Knut ) Schlagzeug - Kevin


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